Our uniform

The Band’ s uniform is based on traditional Highland military number one dress to promote the traditions and music of the Highland military.


The Pipers wear Green Doublets (jackets) with a full Plaid and the Drummers wear red doublets trimmed with crown tape (the colours of the English regiments) and a smaller drummers Plaid.


- The head-dress is commonly the ostrich feather bonnet sporting a red hackle.


- For ‘walking out’ the Glengarry (pipers with cock feathers and drummers with a red and white braided trim).


- The sporran is normally only worn as part of a ceremonial outfit and is made of the traditional 18" Horsehair.


We also wear a sgian-dubh which is worn tucked into the top of the kilt hose with only the upper portion of the hilt visible and a dirk with a 12" blade and lavishly decorated.


We represent a fusion of ancient and modern. Our music ranging from the foot tapping ‘come-al-yeas’ of the Ceilidh to the poignant laments.


We have played in England Germany Luxembourg and Belgium notably we have played at ‘Cinquantinairre’ in Brussels in 1994 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the City’s Liberation.

This we did before Prince Andrew and in 1995 we played before Prince Edward in Luxembourg.


We have also represented Britain at British Fairs in Huy, Vise and Bastogne (Belgium).

The Sutherland Pipes and Drums


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