Joining The Sutherland Pipes & Drums 

is easy.

Please call the band's secretary on 07758005691

or contact us by email :


We would welcome anyone to come along if they wished to join us.

We are always looking for experienced pipers and drummers or people who want to learn to play the bagpipes or the drums.  


The band offers the highest quality of musical tuition.


It will take a lot practise and a little frustration but it is well worth it.  


We are in the Corringham hall every Thursday evening.  

There will always be someone there from as early as 7.30pm and we finish up at 10.00pm.


You must be 18+ or accompanied by a parent.


The first part of the evening is on the drum pads and the practise chanters, then from 9pm till 10pm we will run through displays with both the pipes and drums together.  There is also enough room for us to march in the hall which is great for practising quick and slow marching.  


The Sutherland Pipes and Drums


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