The "Drum Section" consist of the Bass Section, Tenor Section and the Snare Section.


In the Drum Section there are four ranks...they are as follows:


Drum Major: Leads the band on parades and displays and is also in charge of drill.


Drum Sergeant: Controls all musical score for the Drum Section and is in overall charge of training of new drummers.


Drum Corporal: Is second in command to the Drum Sergeant.


Lance Corporal: Third in command to the Drum sergeant and second to the Drum Corporal.


The first thing that you will learn as a new drummer is how to roll. This is done by two taps on the right stick and then two taps on the left stick. This process, known as "mummy,daddy", continues alternating the sticks and slowly building up the speed until eventually a roll is produced.


Once you have mastered the drum roll, you will then move on to learning the drum beatings, which are, 6/8, 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4.


The drum section also have several drum salutes which we play in the band displays.

Each one normally lasts 2 minutes and lets us show off a bit, so we can show just what you can do with a pair of sticks and a drum.


When at band practice, the drummers start practice on a drum pad which are normally made out of solid rubber and housed in a wooden or plactic frame. The kind of drums we use at band are called Premier HTS-200 with a Premier tendura batterhead. The HTS are used in Pipe Bands as they give you the sharpness and accuracy you need for pipe band drumming.


Now lets tell you about the bass and tenors!


The bass player is the one who keeps the tempo at the right speed while the tenor section will do their part with their flourishing.


There are a few versions of this which are called, piano 1,2,3 and 4, which are normally used for 6/8 tunes.

Pianos 1 and 2 can be used for 3/4, 2/4. 4/4 tunes.


There are two more which are called, windmill and butterfly which will be used on strathspeys and reel tunes.


If this sounds all too much to take in, do not fear. It will all be taught to you and in next to no time, you will be playing as if you have been playing for years.


There is no musical requirements and it will normally take 6 months to get you playing with the band.



The Sutherland Pipes and Drums

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